Arun Patel

Arun Patel

Name: Arun Patel

Playing dhol since: 2003

Currently: Head Quantitative Analyst of an asset management firm. In what is left of my spare time I teach dhol, mathematics and office skills such as Excel.

How I got into playing the dhol?

I have always been a fan of percussion but only got into dhol when I was messing about on my friends dhol, it came so naturally to me and I have loved it ever since.

Inspiration: Any type of percussion that I come across. I love bringing rhythms from different cultures onto the dhol.

Best Gig: My interpretation of the best gig is the most enjoyable to play at and you can never beat all 6 Rhythm n Bass drummers together especially alongside other instrument or playing with a DJ.

Best Venue: Playing in front of huge crowds is always a pleasure and playing at Wembley Arena was a once in a lifetime experience.

Future Ambitions: Progress Rhythm N Bass to bigger and better venues and gigs, the sky is the limit! I want to bring the dhol to the wider community, mixing it with all genres of music from all over the globe.