The Team

We are a group of talented individuals who are always looking to impress. With our vast knowledge and skills we are able to create enjoyable atmospheres unique to your event for you and your guests.

We have a wealth of experience having performed with some of the biggest talents in the Bhangra scene and at some of the UK’s finest venues.

How it all started?

Rhythm N Bass was formed as a performance group in 2008 after having all met at the school of Dhol2Dhol. After having completed the advanced class, the decision was made to show off our talents to the world. The next step was to market ourselves. Having had t-shirts, hoodies, business cards and our website set up we were set to make our mark. Slowly but surely we started to get noticed by performing at local charity events and weddings, from which word of mouth recommendations allowed us to branch out and were then given the opportunity to perform at The London Mela and Diwali on the Square. Since then we have continued to grow and become more widely recognised as high calibre drummers.

We are continuously innovating and improving and will be sure not to disappoint!


Hiren Patel
Sagar Khokani
Arun Patel
Suruj Halai
Ram Patel
Vinay Mepani