Vinay Mepani

Vinay Mepani

Name: Vinay Mepani

Playing dhol since: 2001

Currently: Working full time in the family construction business

How I got into playing the dhol?
It all started when I was 7 years old at my first school, when the school just started to teach tabla. I thought it would be a good idea to learn and so i did for 4 years at the school. Then in Year 7, a friend introduced me to dhol and showed me a few beats. I had a go and from the first instance, I loved it, and I have been playing the dhol ever since.

Inspiration: My inspiration is the love for bhangra music and playing dhol to many bhangra songs as I believe its harder to play to music due to timing, rather then performing a solo piece. I also like to play the dhol to other genres of music such as R&B, Hip Hop and Bollywood.

Best Gig: Its difficult to point out a specific gig as my favourite, as I enjoy every event I go to, and seeing people smile when they hear the instrument is priceless.

Best Venue: It’s also hard to say which is the best venue I have been to, but a few standout, including: Holdenby House (Northampton), V.I.P lounge (Egdware), Selsdon Park Hotel (Croydon), Copthorne Hotel (Effingham), Addington Palace (Croydon) and Sezincote House (Gloucestershire). These are just a few of the venues that I have been privileged to perform at.

Future Ambitions: To take dhol to a whole new level and help students achieve their goals.